The Professional Truckers Association Group
The Professional Truckers Association is a Non-Profit Organization that is here to provide awareness and education on health and safety in the trucking industry. We are dedicated to helping all professional truck drivers in need. Our main focus and dedication is educating professional truck drivers and stopping the alarming rate of accidents and fatalities out here on the highway.

Help change a life today
Many professional truck drivers are losing there CDL license everyday, because of the rigorous regulations , health issues, safety situations and constant changes in the transportation industry. And many of these wonderful Professional Truck drivers have no place to turn. So help us by donating, so we can provide them with the resources that they need to continue to live a productive life for them and their children. because we here at the professional truckers association  we care about you and your family.

Investing in Health and Education
PTAG mission is to improve educational, economic and health outcomes for all professional truck drivers, and promote community wide enhancements in health, safety and development

please call anytime at 210-259-3489 for more information on the professional truckers association non  profit organization and our mission.

The Professional Truckers association is helping bring Jesus Christ, Safety,Health and education to the Trucking industry. we are commited to help change save and change lives everyday. please join our effort by donating to our wonderful organization. your contribution means so much to us and so many professional truckers. together we can make a difference in so many lives.
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The Professional Truckers Association is an organization that is dedicated to helping Professional Truck Drivers and is working hard for a new Fallen Truck Drivers Memorial. Many estimate there are 4 million trucks on the roads today, and 20% of those are Professional Truck Drivers that will die this year alone. That's a lot of good people.

We at the PTAG are on a mission to educate and help our fellow drivers with ways of eating better and driving safer. We feel that this endeavor should be supported by all in the trucking industry.  PTAG is a place for all truckers to communicate , socialize, and develop skills that will be useful throughout their lives. Our organization is dedicated to the process of making that happen but we need your help.

Your donation will bring us closer to our goal.  Right now there are many business and community leaders that are on board as well as hundreds of individuals. Our community is clearly excited and eager to see this project started. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting our cause with a donation. We are happy to acknowledge your donation on all our social media sites and at our numerous events, (unless you prefer otherwise).

We thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization for raising funds. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Thank you!

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